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Steering noise Jeep Grand Cherokee

Fix Steering noise Jeep Grand Cherokee

If you have a steering noise Jeep Grand Cherokee 2002-03 and it’s whining or moaning sound from the power steering system as you turn the wheel, Jeep now has an idea how to fix it. The steering noise Jeep Grand Cherokee noise is due to contact between the high pressure and low pressure power steering hoses at the steering gear. To confirm that this is the source of your noise, jack up the vehicle, put jack stands in the proper support points and have someone turn the steering wheel while you listen for the noise. Look at the two steering hoses and see if they are touching each other.

To fix the problem, start by cleaning the connections at the gear. Next, loosen the hoses and move them apart so there’s a minimum of 1/8” between them. Tighten the nuts to 17 ft/lbs. Then lower the vehicle. Start the engine and turn the steering wheel clock-to-clock. That will bleed any air out of the system. Check the fluid level in the reservoir and refill if necessary.


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