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Steering wheel noise jeep grand cherokee

Fix steering wheel noise jeep grand cherokee

If you own a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee and hear a clicking sound from the steering column when the wheel is turned, one cause may be contact between the turn signal cancel cam and the turn signal lever.
Start by centering the wheel. Then turn the wheel one half turn to the right and then back to center. Then turn left to center. If you hear the noise, repeat the turns with one hand on the turn signal lever. If you feel a vibration when turning the wheel, you’ve nailed the cause of the problem.
Disconnect the battery ground cable. Wait two full minutes for the air bags to de-energize. Then remove the steering wheel and insert a rod into the clock spring to keep it from moving. Replace the cam with the revised part 05114332aAA. Remove the clock spring holding rod and replace the wheel, using a new bolt 06505656AA

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