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Subaru P0606

Service bulletin for Subaru P0606

Subaru has issued a service bulletin #07-75-13R to address Subaru P0606; an issue where a battery disconnect or battery swap can cause a Subaru P0606 trouble code to store. If you have recently disconnected the battery or installed a new battery without providing backup power and later notice a P0606 trouble code, here’s the story.

Why you have a Subaru P0606


All Subaru Forester and WRX vehicles equipped with a turbo engine are equipped with backup memory. When you disconnect the battery, this wipes the backup memory. If you reconnect the battery with the IGN in the OFF position and then turn the IGN to ON within one minute after reconnecting the battery, the Subaru P0606 can set. A Subaru P0606 can also set under these conditions:

OBD memory clear
A dead or severely discharged battery
ECM replacement where the battery is disconnected
Accessory installation or service procedure that requires a battery disconnect

Fix Subaru P0606

Use a code reader or scan tool to clear the Subaru P0606 trouble code

Turn the IGN to ON and then to OFF. Wait for at least one full minute before turning the IGN to ON again. This procedure will allow the self-shutoff relay to power down and complete the self-shutoff procedure.

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