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Sunroof makes noise – Chrysler products

Why does my sunroof make noise

Sunroof ratcheting sound, clicking opening sunroof on Dodge Ram, 300, Charger, Magnum, Grand Cherokee, Commander

Chrysler has issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) 23-004-08 to address issues with a sunroof making a clicking, or ratcheting during opening on the following vehicles:

2004 – 2008 Ram Truck
2005 – 2008 300C/300C Touring (International Markets)
2005 – 2008 300/Charger/Magnum
2005 – 2008 Grand Cherokee
2006 – 2008 Commander

The noise is usually heard once the glass reaches the fully open position. The fix involves replacing the sunroof drive cable conduit with an updated design. To perform the fix you’ll have to lower the headliner. Then look for a kinked cable conduit at the rear corners of the sunroof module assembly. Purchase these parts from the dealer:

AR (2) 68003812AA Conduit, Cable – DR/L2/LE/LX/WH/WK
1 68003816AA Conduit – XH/XK

Start the repair with the sunroof in the fully closed position. Remove the four mounting bolts at the rear of the sunroof module. Then remove the kinked cable starting from the end near the metal clip and working backwards to the motor area.

Assemble the new cable conduit in reverse order. Insert the flared end of the exposed end of the drive cable. Make sure the flared end is sitting in the notch on the read bulk head of the sunroof module. Than snap the cable conduit into the retainers on the rear bulk head. There are 5 such retainers. Make sure it’s within the scribed lines on the aluminum guide. Install the fasteners and torque them to 80-IN/lbs. Then operate the sunroof to ensure it’s working properly. Install the headliner.

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