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Sunroof making noise

Fix noisy Sunroof

If you have a sunroof making noise on one of the following vehicle, this may be your fix. Owners of 2005 Buick Allure and LaCrosse models and 2004-05 Pontiac Grand Prix, Chevrolet Impala and Monte Carlo models may experience a creaking noise coming from the sunroof. The noise is caused by metal-to-metal contact in the left rear corner of the sunroof opening.

To repair, remove the sunroof module assembly. Next, turn the module over and clean the back side of the 12 rivet heads using an alcohol-based cleaner. Then apply Loctite #290 to the perimeter of the rivet. Allow the loctite to dry for 5 minutes and clean off the excess.

Make sure there is a 1/32-in by 2/4-in gap between the roof reinforcement ring and the outer sheet metal in the upper left rear corner of the sun roof and then reinstall the sunroof module.


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