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Heavier weight oil

Heavier weight oil – thicker weight oil This article is about adding a heavier weight oil to your engine to stop oil leaks or oil burning.I’ve written a post on the importance of using the correct oil viscosity for your particular engine—read the warning here. The take-away from that post is to always use the oil viscosity recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. But I often see people recommend using a heavier weight oil to solve an oil leak problem or a problem where an engine burns oil. The theory is … Read More

Oil light on

Oil light is on All engines are equipped with an oil pressure sensor, also called a sending unit. If the vehicle has a gauge, the sending unit sends a varying voltage to the gauge. But if the vehicle just has an oil light, the sending unit lights the light only when oil pressure is below specifications—usually less than 7-psi. That’s why the oil light is on at startup when oil pressure hasn’t yet built up to spec. Once pressure reaches the minimum level, the light goes out. If the oil … Read More

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