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AC blows warm

AC blows warm— How to diagnose and fix How to diagnose an AC blows warm air condition Don’t just add refrigerant to solve a car AC blows warm air condition. There are many other things that can cause a fully charged system to blow warm air. There are certain steps you should take to diagnose why your car AC blows warm air. Here they are: Step 1: Check for AC compressor clutch engagement Your car’s AC system can’t cool if the compressor clutch doesn’t engage. Lack of compressor clutch engagement … Read More

No AC, Service Power Steering message

AC blows warm and service power steering and drive with care message GM has issued a service bulletin #PIT5508 to address a situation where the AC blows warm air and you receive a Service Power Steering and Drive With Care Message. The AC blows warm because the AC compressor clutch fuse has blown. The computer may store a C0545 00 / AC compressor Inoperative trouble code or B393B Fuse F60UA or F35UA. The bulletin affects the models listed below: 2015-2016 Cadillac Escalade Models 2014-2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2015- 2016 Chevrolet … Read More

Car AC blows warm – GM

How to fix AC blows warm problem If you own a GM vehicle and your AC blows warm air, this might help you fix the problem. GM has issued a service bulletin #09-01-38-005 to address an AC blows warm problem on the vehicles listed below. 2008-10 Chevrolet Malibu 2006-10 Pontiac G6 2007-10 Saturn Aura The problem is caused by high cooling fan startup loads that blows the fuse to the right cooling fan. With the fan out of operation, you get an AC blows warm condition. GM installed a wire … Read More

AC blows cold then warm Dodge Ram

AC blows cold then warm Dodge Ram Dodge Ram 1500 intermittent AC, Compressor quits, blows cold, then warm, warm AC There are basically three sections to the AC system; the sensors (high and low pressure sensors and the AC on/off switch), the command unit (the powertrain control module- PCM), and the “doing” components (the compressor clutch relay, compressor clutch, and the compressor). The sensors inform the PCM if system pressures are too high or low. And the low pressure sensor provides the information on when to cycle the compressor on and off. … Read More

AC blows warm air on GM vehicle

Why does my AC blow warm air Baby it’s hot outside and your AC blows warm air. Now you want to know how to fix it yourself. It’s do-able, but not without some basic knowledge and some warnings. The first thing do-it-yourselfers do is run to the auto parts store and buy a recharging kit. It’s very likely low on refrigerant. But, it could also be a blown fuse to the compressor clutch or a bad compressor clutch coil. So always start your diagnosis on the electrical side of the … Read More

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