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AC stops cooling Dodge Neon

AC stops cooling after some time Dodge Neon If you have a problem where the AC stops cooling after some time Dodge Neon, read this post. The low pressure switch controls whether the A/C clutch engages or not and it should be a simple yes/no situation. If your A/C cuts in and out, or A/C shuts off, either the pressure in the system is correct or it isn’t. But in some cases, an internal fault with the switch itself may turn a simple problem into one that drives you crazy. … Read More

AC Compressor Repair

How to deal with AC Compressor Repair AC Compressor Repair isn’t rocket science. Most DIYers can handle replacing the clutch, clutch coil, pulley bearing, pulley, and even the front seal. Except for the front seal, you don’t have to discharge the system to replace those parts. But you do need a clutch puller/installation tool and a clutch plate holder. Since you probably don’t know what size puller tool you need, you may be better off buying a complete kit for less than $50. How to replace an AC Compressor Clutch To … Read More

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