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AC doesn’t work – Dodge Neon

Dodge Neon no AC If you own a Dodge Neon and your A/C doesn’t work unless you apply the brakes, here’s what’s going on. A wiring harness runs near the transmission and frame rail. The harness can rub through and short out fuse #7. When you apply the brakes, voltage feeds backwards through the brake/transmission shift interlock solenoid to the A/C cycling switch. Repair the shorted wiring harness and replace the fuse and you’ll be back in the cool breeze of your A/C © 2012 Rick Muscoplat

Disconnect Kit for fuel, transmission, AC

Disconnect Kit for fuel, transmission, AC Car makers use special connections for fuel line, transmission lines, and A/C lines. So you need special disconnect tools to remove them. Here’s a complete set of disconnect tools for more cars and trucks   © 2012 Rick Muscoplat

Chrysler compressor problems

Avoid Chrysler A/C compressor problems Chrysler compressor problems are showing up on Chrysler 2001-02 Caravans, Town & Country, and Voyager vans.. Now Chrysler has issued two TSB’s on the A/C compressors. The first is a software update. #21-002-02 Chrysler claims that the software update will increase the durability of the compressor. From the factory the PCM has an “anti-slugging” feature that removes liquid refrigerant from the compressor during cranking. That feature is activated every time the vehicle is started and the compressor has not run during the previous drive cycle. … Read More

AC smells musty

Get rid of musty smell coming from vents when blower is running If your AC smells musty, you have mold growing in the evaporator coil. Forget about Lysol, it’s not a permanent solution. You need a special anti-mold treatment. The cooling fins on an R-134 A/C system are tightly packed to get maximum cooling in a small heater box. The brainchild engineer that came up with this design was really thinking on his feet. Unfortunately, all that condensation wicks deep into those fins and pretty soon your AC smells musty … Read More

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