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AC doesn’t work – Dodge Neon

Dodge Neon no AC If you own a Dodge Neon and your A/C doesn’t work unless you apply the brakes, here’s what’s going on. A wiring harness runs near the transmission and frame rail. The harness can rub through and short out fuse #7. When you apply the brakes, voltage feeds backwards through the brake/transmission shift interlock solenoid to the A/C cycling switch. Repair the shorted wiring harness and replace the fuse and you’ll be back in the cool breeze of your A/C © 2012 Rick Muscoplat

Disconnect Kit for fuel, transmission, AC

Disconnect Kit for fuel, transmission, AC Car makers use special connections for fuel line, transmission lines, and A/C lines. So you need special disconnect tools to remove them. Here’s a complete set of disconnect tools for more cars and trucks   © 2012 Rick Muscoplat

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