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P2122 P2138 P2127 Sante Fe

Fix code P2122 P2138 P2127 Sante Fe If you own a Hyundai Sante Fe and encounter P2122 P2138 P2127 codes, head right for the accelerator pedal sensor (APS), also known as the Gas Pedal. Using a digital multimeter, check for 5 volts at the green wire at terminal 8. Next, check for ground at the black/white wire at terminal 7. Then check for .3-.8 volts at the white wire (with your foot off the pedal) and 4-5 volts with the pedal fully depressed. Wiggle the wiring harness and connector while … Read More

P2122, P2123, P2125, P2127, P2128

Fix codes P2122 P2123 P2125 P2127 P2128 Hyundai Sante Fe All these trouble codes relate to problems with the accelerator pedal position (APP) sensor. To test, unplug the electrical connector at the accelerator pedal position sensor. Using a digital multimeter and with the key in the RUN position, check the Green wire for 5 volts (pos lead from meter to green wire, neg lead to ground). Then check the black/white wire for good ground (pos lead from meter on Green wire, neg lead to black/white wire)–should read 5 volts. Reconnect … Read More

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