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How to fix electrical problems on Minivan

Electrical problems on Chrysler Minivan If you experience Electrical problems on Chrysler Minivan read this post. The body control module (BCM) controls the power door locks, automatic door locks, door lock inhibit (child locks), chime driver, compass, trip computer, interior lighting, power liftgate, exterior lighting headlight time delay, automatic headlights, illuminated entry, backup lights, interior light fade to off feature, and instrument panel lighting. So when you see several electrical units inoperative, the cause may be the BCM. However, once the BCM receives a switched signal from the driver’s operations, … Read More

Power windows don’t work Caravan

My power windows don’t work Caravan If the power windows don’t work along with the radio or blower motor or the problem is intermittent, this may be your fix. Caravan owners may experience a situation where the radio, power windows, blower motor stop working all at the same time. The problem may be continuous or intermittent. Shops are reporting that battery acid is corroding the wiring harness. The Front Control Module (FCM) then senses stray voltage (1-5 volts) and shuts down the accessory relay. Check for corrosion or a short … Read More

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