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Acura OBD2 codes

Acura OBD2 codes Each manufacturer is allowed to generate its own “manufacturer-specific” P codes. Manufacturer-specific P codes start with P1000. If your trouble Acura code starts with P1XXX, find the Acura OBD2 codes here. P1101    O2 Sensor Circ.,Bank1-Sensor1Voltage too Low/Air Leak P1102    O2 Sensor Heating Circ.,Bank1-Sensor1 Short to B+ P1103    O2 Sensor Heating Circ.,Bank1-Sensor1 Output too Low P1104    Bank1-Sensor2 Voltage too Low/Air Leak P1105    O2 Sensor Heating Circ.,Bank1-Sensor2 Short to B+ P1106    O2 Sensor Circ.,Bank2-Sensor1 Voltage too Low/Air Leak P1107    O2 Sensor Heating Circ.,Bank2-Sensor1 Short to B+ P1108    O2 Sensor … Read More

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