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Audi fresh air blower doesn’t work — TSB Fix

How to diagnose and fix an Audi fresh air blower Audi has issued a service bulletin to address an inoperative Audi fresh air blower on the models listed below 2009-2011 A4 VIN range 000001-999999 2012 A4 Ingolstadt VIN range 000001-096029 2012 A4 Neckarsulm VIN range 00001-015389 2008-2011 A5 VIN range 00001-999999 2012 A5 VIN range 00001-016109 2009-2011 Q5 VIN range 00001-060834 2010-2011 A5 Cab VIN range 00001-999999 2012 A5 Cab VIN range 00001-003976 Check for these trouble codes when the Audi fresh air blower fails 01844 004 (Control module for … Read More

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