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Windshield Glass treatment rip off

Avoid the windshield glass treatment rip off Do your own windshield glass treatment Car finance guys really pour on the pressure to sell expensive glass treatment. It’s nothing more than Aquapel that you can buy at any auto parts store for about $10. Do your own glass treatment right in your driveway in about 5-mins. Aquapel is a Glass treatment water repellent for your windshield. Unlike Rain-X which only lasts for about a month, Aquapel Glass treatment actually bonds with the glass and lasts 6-12 months. Aquapel comes in a … Read More

Engine flush

Should I get an engine flush? Shops are pushing engine flush services–Getting an engine flush is a terrible idea Some shops are offering customers an engine flush for around $150. The service consists of pumping heated cleaning solvents into the engine to “dissolve the sludge.” That may remove some of the surface deposits, but it merely softens the most severe trouble spots. Long after you’ve paid for the flush, the detergents in the new oil continue to break up the stubborn deposits. When that happens, the freed up grit can … Read More

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