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PassLock Security Light On

PassLock Security Light On This is one in a series of articles. READ THIS FIRST GM made several different types of anti-theft systems. VATS, PassKey, and PassLock. The troubleshoot and reset procedures are different for each. PassLock seems to have the highest failure rate. So if you have a key WITHOUT a chip in it, chances are it’s a PassLock system. This article describes how to troublshoot and fix a PassLock system. But here are some more articles to help Click here to see the resetting procedure for PassLock Click … Read More

Car dies when turn signals are used

My Car dies when I use my turn signals Buick Regal or Century This is a strange one at first glance. The problem takes place when you use the turn signals. It kills the engine. Or, the ABS or other dash lights come on. These vehicles are known for bad ignition switches. The power to the turn signals flows from the ignition switch to the turn signal/cornering lamps fuse located in the fuse panel on the right side of the dash. With the key in the RUN position, test the … Read More

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