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Car Battery light on

What to do if you notice your battery light on A battery light on means there’s a problem somewhere in your car’s charging system. The problem could be as simple as a broken drive belt or corroded battery terminals. On the costly end of the spectrum, you could have a defective alternator, car battery or even a wiring problem. Here’s what to do if you have a battery light on while driving. Car Battery light on – power down and pull over Since the battery light indicates a failure to … Read More

Dead battery Ford Focus

How to diagnose and fix dead battery Ford Focus If you have a dead battery Ford Focus condition, a system that’s not charging, a battery light that stay on even after replacing the alternator and battery, read this. This problem can really throw a pro for a loop because the problem may be a bad wire or a corroded fuse. First thing to check is a broken or intermittent wiring connection at the alternator. The “FIELD” charging current is provided to the alternator by the PCM on the blue wire. … Read More

Airbag light on, security light on, battery light on, low fuel light on, fuel gauge reads empty

Airbag light on, security light on, battery light on, low fuel light on, fuel gauge reads empty Talk about a nightmare scenario! Start by locating the serial data splice pack connector. It’s to the left of and below the instrument panel fuse block, tape to the body harness. It’s a flat connector with up to 11 wires in it (actual number depends on the options in the vehicle). Look for the blunt end of the connector and remove it. Next, turn the key to the RUN position and use a … Read More

Battery Light On – Windstar

Battery Light On – Windstar Alternator rebuilders report a problem with ’98 Ford Windstars with battery light on. Do not automatically replace the alternator. First check for a corroded wire located below the brake vacuum booster. The wire can rub through against the heater hose. If you find a frayed or corroded wire, repair it first and then recheck the charging system.   © 2012 Rick Muscoplat

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