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Bleed power steering — safe procedure

Bleed power steering safely If you do an online search for the proper way to bleed power steering you’ll see the same advice; start the engine and turn the steering wheel lock to lock several times until the moaning sound stops. That is no longer the recommended way to bleed power steering Bleeding power steering with the engine running while turning lock to lock generates up to 2,000-psi. and can easily blow out seals in the rack or pump or damage the power steering line. How the damage happens Power … Read More

How to bleed air from power steering

Bleed air from power steering Any time you replace a power steering component you’ll get air in the system. Air in a power steering system creates a whining noise. In addition to the whining noise, you may see foam in the power steering reservoir Turning the power steering lock to lock doesn’t always work The old method for bleeding power steering was to start the engine and turn the steering wheel full left and then full right, called lock to lock. The problem with that method is that when power … Read More

Best tool to bleed power steering and brakes

Best vacuum tool to bleed power steering and brakes If you’ve replaced any part of your hydraulic power steering system and the power steering now has air bubbles that creates a moaning sound, the factory approved method to use a vacuum tool to bleed power steering. Car makers no longer recommend turning the steering wheel lock-to-lock. Doing that builds up to 2,000psi and can burst a hose or seal. Plus, it isn’t as effective in getting the air out. This Mitivac MITMV8500 kit and Mitivac MVA660 power steering adapter shown … Read More

How to Bleed power steering

How to Bleed power steering If you’ve replaced a power steering hose, pump, or rack, you must perform a bleed procedure to remove air from the system. If you don’t bleed the power steering, the air in the system will cause the power steering fluid to foam and foam doesn’t cool well or provide power assist. Worse than that, however, air in a power steering pump causes cavitation, which can destroy the pump. Two ways to bleed power steeing One method you’ll see online and in some instruction manuals is … Read More

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