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Blower Motor Honda

How to fix a problem Blower Motor on Honda The blower motor circuitry in Hondas is much different than the traditional switch/resistor setup found in other vehicles. Power flows to a blower motor relay first. When you turn the key to on the relay provides power directly to the blower motor. Switch the fan on tells the heater control unit to send a pulsed voltage signal to the power transistor. By pulsing the transistor, the control unit is literally switching the blower motor ground connection on and off several times … Read More

Power windows don’t work Caravan

My power windows don’t work Caravan If the power windows don’t work along with the radio or blower motor or the problem is intermittent, this may be your fix. Caravan owners may experience a situation where the radio, power windows, blower motor stop working all at the same time. The problem may be continuous or intermittent. Shops are reporting that battery acid is corroding the wiring harness. The Front Control Module (FCM) then senses stray voltage (1-5 volts) and shuts down the accessory relay. Check for corrosion or a short … Read More

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