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Brake noise

Brake noise what causes it? Simply put, the #1 cause of brake noise vibration that occurs when you press brake friction material against either a brake rotor or brake drum. All normally operating brake systems generate “initial noise” that occurs during braking. Initial vibration noise is inaudible to the human ear because brake manufacturers design their friction materials, calipers, rotors and drums with rigidity and noise dampening features. The initial noise dampening features are: Insulators like noise reduction shims or gaskets that isolate vibration and prevent it from moving from … Read More

Brake noise – Nissan Versa

Why do my brakes make noise – Nissan Versa Nissan has issued a service bulletin to address a brake noise problem on 2012-13 Versa sedans. The brake noise appears as a moaning, squeaking or squealing sound from the rear brakes when braking at slow speeds. The noise is related to vehicles built before 1/14/13. Nissan states that the brake shoes are incompatible with the brake drums. A redesign shoe is now available (D4060-3VA0B) . The new shoes are made from a different friction material and are designed to work better … Read More

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