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EFI Fuse blows – Toyota

My EFI Fuse blows on my Toyota Many Toyota owners have a problem with the electronic fuel injection (EFI) fuse blowing repeatedly. Here are some things to check: 1) The wires around the EGR tube for melting or fraying. 2) The wires near the EGR vacuum switching valve (VSV) located under the intake manifold. 3) Wires pinched between the intake manifold and the cylinder head. 4) Wires pinched anywhere along the valve cover. 5) Check injector wiring for any pinched locations. 6) Run an amp test on the fuel pump. … Read More

Camry won’t shift out of park

My Camry won’t shift out of park When a Toyota Camry won’t shift out of park, the most likely problem is a bad shift lock control switch. The shift lock control switch is located in the center console towards the rear of the shifter lever. It’s controlled by the shift lock control unit and energizes the shift lock solenoid so it releases and allows the user to shift out of park. The shift interlock computer receives power from the cigar & radio fuse on the blue/red wire. It also receives … Read More

P0171 P0174 P2195 P2197 – Toyota

Fix trouble codes P0171 P0174 P2195 P2197 – Toyota Some 2005-06 Camry’s and Solaras may set any or all of these codes: P0171 P0174 P2195 P2197 P0171 (System Too Lean [Bank 1]), P0174 (System Too Lean [Bank 2]), P2195 (Oxygen [A/F] Sensor Signal Stuck Lean [Bank 1, Sensor 1]), P2197 (Oxygen [A/F] Sensor Signal Stuck Lean [Bank 2, Sensor 1]). The problem has been traced to a faulty Air Fuel (A/F) sensor. If you have these codes, check your VIN code first because the problem covered by this TSB (#EG061-05)was … Read More

Squealing noise Toyota

Fix a squealing noise on a Toyota If you drive a 2001-04 Camry, Highlander, Solara, or an ’04 RAV4 and you have a squealing noise or rattle coming from the engine compartment, this may solve your problem. Toyota says the squealing noise usually happens when the engine is cold and that the issue is the automatic belt tensioner used in these 2AZ-FE engines. They have redesigned the part to eliminate the squealing noise. The new part number is 16620-28011. If your vehicle is still under warranty or extended warranty, you may … Read More

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