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Car overheats troubleshooting tips

How to diagnose a car overheats condition When your car overheats you can easily narrow down the possible causes by following this guide. Overheating can be caused by: Low coolant Inoperative radiator fans or improper radiator fan speed (some fans are variable or multi-speed) Worn water pump Clogged radiator Stuck closed or partially closed thermostat Coolant Restriction somewhere in the cooling system. Start by checking coolant level Low coolant levels can cause all kinds of problems, so start by checking the coolant level at the reservoir. Then check radiator fan … Read More

What to do if your car overheats

How to prevent engine damage when your car overheats What causes your car to overheat? If any of the cooling or engine components fail, your car overheats and you’re faced with an emergency situation and some major decisions. Deciding whether to keep driving or call a tow truck depends on which components failed. Here are the most common causes of car overheating: • low coolant level • radiator fans not working properly • thermostat stuck shut • Water pump serpentine or dedicated drive belt failure • Clogged radiator tubes • … Read More

Car overheats — common causes

Car overheats—6 most common causes Here are the six most common causes of car overheats condition Radiator fan not working Faulty thermostat Low on coolant due to leaking hose, radiator, heater core or water pump Faulty water pump Clogged radiator Damaged head gasket Inoperative or wrong speed radiator fans can cause car overheats condition Most late-model vehicles have several electric radiator fans that run at different speeds depending on the cooling needs of the engine. GM, for example, uses two fans that can run at two speeds. If you’re driving … Read More

Engine overheats — how to diagnose

Engine overheats — What to check Engine overheating can be caused by many things. But to diagnose it properly, we need a bit more information. • Is it overheating at highway speeds, or • Is it overheating in stop and go traffic, or • Does your car overheat only when stopped and idling? First things to check if your car is overheating in city driving or at stops. #1 Check your coolant level. If there’s no coolant in the reservoir, you’ve got a leak or a head gasket problem where … Read More

Car overheats – Chrysler Vehicles

Car overheats – Chrysler products People always ask why their Chrysler car overheats. Aside from the mechanical reasons explained here, Chrysler products rely on a solid state radiator fan relay that can cause problems. The relay is usually mounted in the front of the vehicle on a frame rail. That’s great for cooling the relay, but it also exposes it to lots of water and salt. Since the relay is solid state and provides almost 40-amps to the radiator cooling fans, it can get quite hot. The frame rail is … Read More

Car overheats – most common causes

Car overheats— most common causes There’s no simple answer as to why your car overheats. It can be a mechanical issue like a failed water pump, a plumbing issue like a clogged radiator, an electrical issue like a bad radiator fan, or an internal engine failure like a bad head gasket. Here’s what to check when you have an engine overheats condition. . What to check when you car overheats Check coolant level first if your car overheats Low coolant makes the car overheat at idle but the temp gauge … Read More

Why does my engine overheat

How to diagnose and fix an engine that overheats I can’t tell you how many times I see forum participants write in and say their Engine overheats and they drive. Sure, they pulled over and let it cool down along the way. But now they’ve got a car in their driveway that won’t crank, or will crank but not start, or now has coolant in the oil. With aluminum engines and heads, the Number One Rule when it comes to overheating is PULL OVER. TURN IT OFF. CALL A TOW … Read More

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