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AC not cold – Chrysler

What to do when AC isn’t cold Town & Country, Caravan, Grand Caravan, Plymouth Voyager vans Chrysler has issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) #24-008-03 to address AC not cold problems with poor A/C performance on 2004 Town & Country, Caravan, and Voyager van with the 2.4L engine. Chrysler has identified a software glitch that commands the A/C to cycle too often when outside temperatures are above 90 degrees. The fix involves updating the PCM software. © 2012 Rick Muscoplat

P0605 Chrysler minivan

Fix code P0605 Chrysler minivan This P0605 Chrysler minivan code is usually caused by an internal failure to communicate between the PCM and the transmission control module. It affects 2001-02 Chrysler minivans with the 3.8L engine. You should replace the TSM. You will then have to program the pinion factor (tire size) and perform a quick learn procedure once the transmission fluid is at operating temperature. You will need a scan tool with bidirectional capabilities to perform this programming.   © 2012 Rick Muscoplat

Chrysler minivan wiper problems

Fix Chrysler minivan wiper problems Chrysler Minivans have more than their share of wiper problems, ranging from wipers that won’t shut off to intermittent wipers that quit working. If you have Chrysler minivan wiper problems, all you need to diagnose the problem is a digital multimeter. Chrysler minivans use two different systems, depending on the model year. For 1996 & 1997 models, start your diagnostics by turning on the ignition key and put the wiper switch in any position EXCEPT high. Then ground the red/white wire at the body control … Read More

Chrysler Electrical Problems

Diagnose and fix Chrysler Electrical Problems If you’ve got Chrysler Electrical Problems, read this. If you turn the key on your Caravan and get crazy unexplainable electrical problems, or multiple electrical problems, head right for the Intelligent Power Module (IPM) located next to the battery. Water intrusion and corrosion in the bottom of this unit is a MAJOR problem with these vehicles. Disconnect the battery terminals and let the system power down for at least five minutes before removing the IPM. Then remove the IPM and check the wiring harness … Read More

Chrysler EVAP System

How the Chrysler EVAP System works The Chrysler EVAP System is different than most other EVAP systems. Here’s how it works. All vehicle manufacturers are required to build in test sequences to detect a possible leak of fuel vapors into the atmosphere. They can do this two ways: by adding pressure to the system or by pulling a vacuum on the system. Starting in 1996 Chrysler used a pressure technique using a leak detection pump (LDP) to check for system leaks. Ironically, LDP is basically a vacuum/spring driven pump. It … Read More

P1491 radiator fan won’t turn on

Radiator fan won’t turn on and trouble code P1491 If you own a Chrysler minivan and it’s overheating because the radiator fan won’t turn on, it may be a bad radiator fan relay Many owners report overheating in their minivans because the electric cooling fan will not come on. This may be accompanied by trouble code P1491—Radiator Fan Control Relay Circuit Malfunction. Start your diagnosis at the fan relay module which is located below the battery box on the left frame rail. The Grey wire is hot at all times and … Read More

Intermittent Wiper problems

Fix Intermittent Wiper problems If you’ve got intermittent Wiper problems on a Dodge Caravan, Voyager, or T&C, the problem may be the multi-function switch on the steering column, the body control module, and the wiper relays. The multi-function switch contains 8 resistors, each for a different wiper speed. Start your diagnosis with this switch. Connect a digital ohm meter to terminals 6 & 7 of the multi-function switch. In the OFF position, you should see no continuity. In Delay 1 you should read 792-8080 ohms, 2= 5940-6060, 3= 4455-4545, 4= … Read More

P0401 EGR insufficient flow – Chrysler Minivan

Fix trouble code P0401 egr insufficient flow – Chrysler Minivan Late model Chrysler Minivans are known to post P0401 egr insufficient flow codes P0401-P0408. The egr valve is like an electronic solenoid that pulls the pintel off its seat. A position sensor at the top of the valve measures how far the pintel shaft has actually moved versus how much the computer commanded it to move. It’s the position sensor that goes bad (see plunger in photo). The problem may be in the sensor, but the fix is in replacing the … Read More

Radiator fan runs after shutdown, drains battery

Radiator fan runs after engine is off and drains battery If you own a Chrysler minivans and the radiator fan runs after shutdown and drains the battery, read this. Some late model Chrysler minivan owners may experience a problem with the cooling fan running after the engine is shut down. That, in itself, is not so unusual—many vehicles do that. But when the cooling fan relay gives up the ghost, the cooling fan runs all the time, draining your battery. Diagnosing the problem is easier than finding the relay. Chrysler … Read More

Horn doesn’t work — Chrysler Minivan

Horn doesn’t work — Chrysler Minivan If you own a Chrysler minivan and the horn doesn’t work, this may be the fix for you. The power to the horn switch flows through the clockspring and everyone knows Chrysler has had plenty of problems with them . But before you yank the steering wheel, check the connector at the bottom of the steering column. Power down the airbag system by disconnecting the battery. Then disconnect the electrical connector at the base of the steering column that contains the Dark Green/Violet wire. … Read More

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