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Door locks don’t work

My Power Door locks don’t work If you’ve got power door locks and the door locks don’t work on your 2004-05 Caravan/Voyager, or T&C van, it’s probably a software issue with the body control module. Chrysler has issued a software update to permanently solve the problem. The dealer will charge you ½ hr labor to perform the update. If you don’t want to have the update performed, you can work around the problem by disconnecting the negative battery terminal for 5 minutes. When you reconnect, the body control module (BCM) … Read More

caravan serpentine belt slips off

How to prevent a Caravan serpentine belt from slippin off Gates has come out with a solution for Caravans, Town & Country, and Voyager vans that where the serpentine belt slips off in the rain. The kit includes a new belt with ribs on both sides, along with a new grooved tensions and idler roller. This is a permanent solution to the problem for the 3.0 engine. Check out the Gates website. Look for part number 38342K.     © 2012 Rick Muscoplat Save

No heat on passenger side

Minivan doesn’t have heat If you own a Caravan, Voyager, Town and Country and have no heat on passenger side, you may have to replace the blend air door shaft with an updated part. 1) Disconnect the battery 2) Remove the sound deadening pad from under the driver’s side end of the instrument panel. 3) Remove the driver’s side knee bolster 4) Remove 3 screws that hold the heater core shield to the left end of the HVAC housing. 5) Pull the shield towards the rear so you can disengage … Read More

Pulsation from brake rotors on Chrysler minivan

Fix brake pedal pulsation on Chrysler minivans Chrysler has issued a TSB for the above vehicles describing the procedure for eliminating a pulsating brake pedal/steering wheel. It applies to model code RS equipped with disc/drum brakes (sales code BRB) built from 7-1-04 through 10-30-04. The problem is identified as warped rotors and CANNOT be fixed by machining the rotors. Chrysler recommends replacing the rotors with new ones. This procedure is covered by warranty if the vehicle is still within the warranty period.   © 2012 Rick Muscoplat

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