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Auto thefts and break-in on the rise — review your insurance

Auto thefts and break-in on the rise — review your insurance by Anne Obst Auto thefts are up significantly since 2019. Western states are getting hit the hardest (Washington state saw an 88% increase in auto thefts in the first three months of 2022). But New Jersey saw a huge 31% increase in the same period. Kia and Hyundai auto thefts skyrocket after Tiktok video TikTok videos show how to steal Kia and Hyundai vehicles using a USB cord and the TikTok “challenge” has spurred teens to steal Kia and … Read More

How to prevent catalytic converter theft

Prevent catalytic converter theft When the stock market goes down, the price of precious metals goes up and that means your catalytic converter fetches a higher price at the recycler. That’s all the incentive a catalytic converter thief needs to go out and steal yours. Understand how they steal your catalytic converter First, they know which cars and truck converters fetch the most at the recycler. Second, they know which cars have enough ground clearance to allow them to slide under without having to use a jack. It only takes … Read More

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