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Cold cranking amp, cranking amps

What are cold cranking amps? Cold cranking amps (CCA) are an important indicator of a battery’s ability to start your car in cold weather. In fact, it’s the single most important rating. Since a lead acid battery produces power using a chemical reaction, and that reaction slows down in cold weather, it’s important to buy a battery with a high enough cold cranking amp rating. Here’s what cold cranking amp and cranking amp ratings mean Cold cranking amp rating A car battery’s cold cranking amp rating is based on an … Read More

Best car battery brand

Best car battery brand What car battery brand should I buy? In the U.S. all car batteries are made by just three companies; Johnson Controls (makes half of all batteries sold in the U.S.), Exide and East Penn.  Those three manufacturers private label their batteries under many different store brands like Duralast for AutoZone, AutoCraft for Advance Auto Parts, DieHard for Sears, Duracell for Sam’s Club, EverStart for WalMart, and Interstate for Costco. The manufacturers offer the retailers a selection of quality levels and warranties. Each retailer chooses a quality … Read More

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