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GM engine leaks and DexCool

GM engine leaks and DexCool There are loads of websites that rant about the evils of GM’s DexCool coolant and how it destroys engines. There was even a class action lawsuit over DexCool. GM settled without admitting fault. But history has proven that the actual problem was NOT caused by DexCool but by faulty gasket design. In fact, GM has revised the intake manifold gaskets for the 3.1L and 3.4L engines several times to correct the problem. If the problem was solely the result of DexCool, the revised gaskets would … Read More

Is Chrysler antifreeze compatible with other types

New Chrysler antifreeze not compatible with other antifreeze types Chrysler has issued a TSB #07-004-12RevA regarding their new organic acid technology (OAT) coolant for 2013 vehicles. The new coolant is good for 10 years or 150,000 miles. The new coolant is purple. BUT, the bulletin warns about not mixing any other coolants with the purple stuff. And it’s not just so Chrysler can sell you their own brand. Chrysler has found that mixing coolants can accelerate corrosion in the engine and cooling system, develop an ammonia smell, and result in … Read More

Chevrolet Cobalt Overheats

My Chevrolet Cobalt Overheats There’s quite a bit of overheating chatter about this vehicle on tech forums about Chevrolet Cobalt Overheats. If the cooling fans come on, try bypassing the heater core with a length of heater hose. If the problem goes away, you’ve got a plugged heater core. Also, check the hose from the engine to the overflow (surge) tank to make sure it’s not plugged. If the cooling fan doesn’t come on, check the #1 (30A) fuse in the underhood fuse box. If that’s good, move on to … Read More

Switch to green coolant?

Should you switch to green coolant? Is it ok to switch to green coolant instead of factory coolant? Since not all auto parts stores stock all factory coolants, many people ask if they can switch to green coolant. You can, but that decision will cost you over the long term. The damage won’t show up right away. In fact, a year or two down the road when your water pump starts leaking or your heater core springs a leak, you probably won’ think it was caused by using the wrong … Read More

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