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Check engine light ford ranger

Ford Ranger Check engine light on If you own a 2005 Ford Ranger and the battery goes dead, with the check engine light on and the seat belt light on when the key is NOT in the ignition, check for corrosion at the back of the fuse box for fuses #11 and #15. If you find any, disconnect the battery and clean the fuse box with electrical contact cleaner. Allow the spray cleaner to dry completely. Apply a small dab of dielectric grease to the area to cut down on … Read More

Honda battery dead

What’s killing the battery in my Honda Honda reports a problem with an A/C relay that can stick and drain your battery. If you drive a 2006-07 Accord Hybrid or 2003 Civic Hybrid and have a problem with your Honda battery is dead, check the relay before condemning any other component. Find the A/C relay and remove it by pulling it out. If the printing on the relay shows that it was made by a company OTHER THAN Mitsuba, replace it. Mitsuba relays are designed to prevent the sticking problem. … Read More

Dead car battery

What causes a dead car battery? If you have a dead car battery first thing every morning, you might have a parasitic battery drain and you should conduct a car battery drain test. See this post for more information on how to test for a battery drain. Or, you may have a charging system problem. Start by checking your charging system and ruling out a battery drain issue. Start by testing the car charging system Use a digital battery tester to check the condition of the car battery and the … Read More

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