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Dodge Neon no crank no start

Dodge Neon no crank no start Dodge Neon no crank no start, starter won’t crank, no power at starter Many Dodge Neon owners complain of a no crank or cranks but won’t start condition. Shops have found several possibilities for these problems. I’ll list them, but first you should understand how the system works. Power flows from the Power Distribution Center on Fuse 9 through connector 103 to the Ignition switch. From there the power flows to the control side of the engine starter motor relay. When you turn the … Read More

Dodge Neon won’t start

Dodge Neon no crank no start If you have a Dodge Neon no crank no start condition, the first place to start diagnosis is with the battery. You must have at least 12.25 volts measured across the battery terminals to get that starter moving. And don’t think you can tell the condition of the battery terminals by looking at them—you can’t. So clean them with a wire brush. Then clean all the ground terminals coming off the negative battery terminal. That means negative battery to engine, to radiator support or … Read More

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