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Ford DPFE sensor hoses

Replace Ford DPFE sensor hoses The hoses running to the Ford DPFE sensor can be damaged and you must use special hoses to replace them. These Ford DPFE sensor hoses are the right kind The Ford DPFE sensor relies on two high temperature hoses. If your DPFE hoses are damaged, you don’t have to get them from the dealer. Standard Motor parts now sells just the hoses. Click here to go to their website. Enter the year, make, model, and engine and get the part number. Then shop at your … Read More

P0401 P0402 Ford Escape

Fix code P0401 P0402 Ford Escape Owners report repeat P0401 and P0402 codes from the differential pressure feedback EGR sensor (DPFE). If you’ve already checked out my DPFE article here, then head right to the muffler. There’s a small drain at the bottom of the muffler to drain off any condensation that accumulates during a cold start. Shops are reporting that the drain can clog and that moisture can damage the DPFE. Open the drain hole and then drill it one size larger. Next, start the vehicle and run it … Read More

P0401 P1408 — Ford

Fix trouble codes P0401  P1408 on a Ford vehicle Fords with P0401,  P1408 trouble code are known for problems with their DPFE sensors. These sensors detect the change in manifold vacuum pressure when the EGR is commanded on and off and display P0401,  P1408 trouble codes. If you get an EGR code, DO NOT automatically assume that it’s a bad EGR valve! Get a hand held vacuum pump and apply vacuum to the EGR. Check the operation of the valve. It if moves properly and the passages are clean, move on … Read More

Ford DPFE sensor and EGR System

Fix a Ford DPFE EGR sensor problem The Ford DPFE and EGR systems are unique and you must understand how they work if you want to diagnose and fix them. This article explains how DPFE works with the EGR system on Ford vehicles. Car makers recycle exhaust gas back into the engine to reduce combustion temperatures and pollutants. However, in order to make the engine run smoothly car makers have to meter the recirculated exhaust, injecting it into the intake manifold only under the proper conditions. To do that, they … Read More

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