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Drive Cycle

What is a drive cycle? Simply put, a drive cycle is a set of testing conditions for a certain portion of a car’s emission system. In order to set the car’s OBDII readiness monitors to READY, the vehicle must complete a drive cycle. Every carmaker has established their own drive cycle and it’s unique to the year, make, model, and engine. So you can’t use one car maker’s drive cycle on any other vehicle. NOTE: Some drive cycles must begin with a cold start. There’s a set definition for “cold … Read More

Readiness Monitors and Drive Cycles

What are readiness monitors and drive cycles? If you want to get your vehicle inspected, your car’s readiness monitors must be in the “ready” state in order to pass the test. And that means you must complete a drive cycle. In the old days of OBDI, you could reset the computer and run your vehicle over to the emissions testing station. Not anymore. Everytime you clear the codes from the computer, you’re resetting the computer and it must start all its testing from scratch. Each drive cycle routine has its … Read More

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