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Key not detected message Jeep, Durango

What causes key not detected message Jeep, Durango? Chrysler has issued service bulletin 08-079-15 REV. B. to address a key not detected message Jeep, Durango on the vehicles listed below. This condition may happen when you enter the vehicle with your key fob, apply the brake and press the Stop/Start button. That’s when you see the “key not detected” message on the instrument cluster. Yet the fob works to lock and unlock the doors. Vehicles affected by service bulletin 08-079-15 REV. B 2015 Dodge Durango (WD), Jeep Grand Cherokee (WK) … Read More

No crank No start Dodge Durango

No crank No start Dodge Durango If you turn the key on a Dodge Durango and get a No crank No start situation where it won’t start or crank, most people head right for the battery. But there can be other issues. Here’s how power flows in this vehicle. The system uses an engine starter motor relay located in the power distribution center (PDC). Power flows to the relay contacts from fuse 16. Power flows to the relay control coil from fuse “E” to the ignition switch and then to … Read More

My alternator won’t charge

Alternator won’t charge after PCM replacement If you’ve replaced the PCM on your Chrysler vehicle(Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Dodge Dakota, Ram Truck, Ram Van, Wrangler, Durango) and now face an alternator won’t charge condition, read this post. The PCM provides the field current for alternators in Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Dodge Dakota, Ram Truck, Ram Van, Wrangler, Durango. If you’ve tried testing PCM connections by disconnecting the connectors while the key was ON or right after you turned the key to OFF and now the alternator won’t charge, you may have damaged … Read More

P0551 Dodge

Fix codes P0551, Power Steering Pressure Sensor Circuit Range/Performance Dodge trucks If you get a P0551 on a Chrysler vehicle, start by replacing the power steering pressure sensor. But don’t stop there!! When the old sensor fails, it can pump power steering fluid right into the electrical connector. From there, the fluid wicks its way up the harness and can get into the oxygen sensor harness. Then you’ve really got a mess on your hands. Get your hands on several cans of brake cleaner and try to degrease the harness … Read More

Liftgate Ajar light on

Liftgate Ajar light on Courtesy lights and Liftgate Ajar light on intermittently. Chime tone intermittent. Dodge Nitro, Jeep Liberty, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, Commander, Durango, Aspen, Dodge Caravan, Grand Caravan, Chrysler Town & Country Chrysler has issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) 08-022-07 to address a problem with the courtesy and liftgate ajar lights illuminating intermittently along with an intermittent chime tone. The TSB applies to the following vehicles. 2007 – 2008 Nitro 2008 Liberty 2008 Cherokee (International) 2007 – 2008 Grand Cherokee 2007 – 2008 Grand Cherokee (International Markets) 2006 … Read More

Remote starter doesn’t work

My Remote starter doesn’t work If you own a Pacifica, Ram Truck, Durango, Sebring, Stratus, Liberty, Dakota, Neon, PT Cruiser, Town and Country, Caravan Grand Cherokee and the factory installed remote starter doesn’t work, head right for the hood switch. Chrysler has isolated a problem with the remote starter switch and has issued a new part number (05140473AA). To replace the remote starter switch, disconnect the negative battery terminal and the ground lead for the hood switch located at the cowl. Then, disconnect the soldered joint on the other wire … Read More

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