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Emission 1 fuse blown, P0030

Emission 1 fuse blown, P0030 Diagnose and fix emission 1 fuse blown, P0030 How to fix P0030 GM has issued a service bulletin #PIT5336 to address a check engine light, emission 1 fuse blown, O2 sensor or purge valve trouble code on the vehicles listed below. The vehicle may have any of the following trouble codes: P0030 P0031 P0032 P0036 P0037 P0038 P0050 P0051 P0052 P0053 P0054 P0056 P0057 P0058 P0059 P0060 P0131 P0132 P0134 P0137 P0138 P0140 P0151 P0052 P0154 P0157 P0158 P0160 P0443 P0049 Vehicle affected 2013-2015 Buick … Read More

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