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Long crank times on Toyota Tacoma Tundra

How to fix Long crank times on Toyota Tacoma Tundra Got Long crank times on Toyota Tacoma Tundra? The cause is usually a loss of fuel pressure in the fuel rail. The pressure drop is caused by a defective fuel pump suction tube. To make sure that’s the cause, hook up a fuel pressure gauge and start the engine. Note the fuel pressure. Shut off the engine and watch the gauge. If the pressure drops more than 5-lbs, the suction tube is the problem. Replace it with these new part … Read More

No Start Cold – Chrysler Vehicles

My Chrysler won’t start when it’s cold Early vintage Chrysler vehicles experienced a problem with No Start Cold. If you add fuel, the engine will start, then stall. If you keep adding fuel, eventually the engine will continue to run. You should start your diagnostics by checking out all the usual suspects, spark, fuel pressure, etc. But if you’ve exhausted all those possibilities, try this. Get out a hair dryer and gently warm the powertrain control module (PCM) located under the hood near the fender. Exact location depends on vehicle. … Read More

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