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No crank no start Ford vehicles

My Ford won’t start No crank no start Crown Victoria F150 Expedition E-series Explorer Lincoln Navigator, Aviator, Grand Marquis, Mountaineer Ford has issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) 06-19-14 to address a no crank, no start condition Ford vehicles 1997-2007 Crown Victoria 1997-2004 F-150 Heritage 1997-2006 Expedition 1998-2006 E-Series 1999-2006 F-Super Duty 2002-2007 Explorer 2004-2006 F-150 2007 Explorer Sport Trac MERCURY: 1997-2007 Grand Marquis 2002-2007 Mountaineer Lincoln 1998-2006 Navigator 2003-2005 Aviator Ford has traced the problem to starter terminal fatigue on the wire that goes from the starter relay to … Read More

Screeching noise Ford

Screeching noise Ford High pitched Screeching noise Ford, screech, hoot, whistle on Ford Mustang, Expedition, Explorer Sport Trac, Explorer, F-150, Lincoln Mark LT, Navigator, Mercury Mountaineer Ford has issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) 09-9-7 to address a noise that occurs in these vehicle when equipped with the 4.6L and 5.4L engines. The noise appears as a hoot or whistle or a high pitched metallic screech after sitting in cold weather below 40 degrees. The noise is probably coming from the grooved nylon front end accessory drive (FEAD) idler pulley. … Read More

Rear Wiper doesn’t work — Expedition Navigator

Rear Wiper doesn’t work Owners of 2003-07 Ford Expeditions and Lincoln Navigators may experience a dead battery along with a balky rear wiper. The problem is covered by TSB #07-10-13 and can be diagnosed with the following procedure: Rear Wiper doesn’t work — Expedition Navigator If the rear wiper doesn’t work on your Explorer or Navigator, pop the rear window open to make sure the wiper mechanism is disengaged from the motor drive plate. Next, open the beauty cover over the wiper arm attaching nut. Then, connect a dial torque … Read More

Horn doesn’t work – Ford

Fix your Horn If you own a Ford truck and your horn doesn’t work, read this. These symptoms may sound like the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard of, but if you look at the electrical diagram it makes a little more sense. Think about it—what controls are on the steering wheel? Cruise Control and the Horn. Ok, if you’ve got a really expensive Ford Truck, you might also have remote radio controls. But for the most part, we’re talking horn and cruise. How does the cruise control know how to … Read More

Blower motor runs when car is off — Ford Expedition

Blower motor runs when car is off — Ford Expedition Some 2000-era Ford Expeditions develop a condition where the blower motor runs when car is off.  — Ford has experienced some leaking windshields. The water from those leaks can find its way into the fuse box (Central Junction Box) and the generic electronic module (GEM). When that happens, it corrodes the contacts and can cause shorting or goofy electrical gremlins One of those gremlins is that the blower motor runs when car is off even with the key removed from … Read More

P0340, P0344, P0172, P0175 – Ford

Fix trouble codes P0340, P0344, P0172, P0175 on Ford If you encounter any of these codes P0340, P0344, P0172, P0175 – Ford, this may be the fix for you. Ford has issued a TSB (#06-13-9) for 2005-06 Expeditions and Navigator vehicles. The fix involves updating the PCM software. The symptoms are as follows: Hard starting requiring multiple restart attempts after the vehicle has been driven and shut down (hot soak). The “check engine” light is on and any or all of the above codes are stored in the PCM. You … Read More

Vibration, Chatter, Binding on turns

Ford Vibrates makes chattering sound and binds on turns Ford has a problem with Vibration, Chatter, Binding on turns in their limited slip differentials in 2002-04 Mustangs, Explorers, and Mercury Mountaineers, 2003 Navigators, 2003-04 Expeditions and 2004-F-150 pickups. The problem differentials vibrate, chatter, and feeling like they’re binding during slow turns. The clutch packs in the limited slip differential are the cause of the problem. To pinpoint the differential as the cause, place the vehicle in 2WD. That will restrict all the power output to the rear differential. Put the … Read More

Intermittent no crank no start – Ford

Fix a problem with an intermittent no crank no start on a Ford Ford has discovered a problem in its starting circuit that affects a wide range of cars and trucks. The problem results in an intermittent no-crank no start condition. The problem is an intermittent open circuit between the starter relay and the starter motor. To correct the problem, Ford has issued a new starter terminal pigtail kit (Part #6U2Z-14S411-NA). The installation instructions are included with the kit. 1997-2004 F-150 Heritage trucks 1997-2006 Ford Expeditions 1997-2007 Ford Crown Victoria … Read More

blowing debris out of HVAC vents – Ford

Debris blowing out of A/C system on Ford It’s not snow coming out of your vents—it’s excess brazing flux from the evaporator core.  You’ll need to vacuum out the vent system to get rid of it all.  Remove the floor duct trim.  Attach a shop vacuum hose to the driver’s-side floor duct and seal it off with masking tape.  Then, seal off every dash vent with tape.  Turn the mode lever to Floor/Panel and the temp to cold and insert a compressed air hose into one of the vents.  Turn … Read More

Water leak wet carpeting – Ford Lincoln

Fix water leak and wet carpeting on Ford or Lincoln If you have Water leak wet carpeting – Ford Lincoln, the carpeting on the passenger side gets wet every time you run the A/C, the problem is the evaporator drain tube—it isn’t long enough. Go to your Ford/Lincoln dealer and ask for part #F3LY-6A14-A extension elbow. To install, remove the transmission dipstick on Expeditions. On Navigators, extend the running boards. Then, remove the right front wheel and inner splash shield. Next you’ll have to remove the dash panel insulator by removing … Read More

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