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P0179 GM Vehicles

Fix code P0179 on GM Flex Fuel Vehicles If you own a GM Flex Fuel Vehicle and get a P0179- Fuel Composition Sensor (FCS) out of range, along with a whole host of misfire and oxygen sensor related codes, focus all your attention on the problem prone FCS first. The FCS sensor is designed to detect how much ethanol is in the gas so it can recalibrate spark timing and air/fuel ratios. Start your diagnostics at the FCS on the left frame rail. Disconnect the electrical connector from the sensor. … Read More

Chrysler Flex Fuel Vehicles — how they work

How Chrysler Flex Fuel Vehicles work Chrysler Flex Fuel Vehicles run on E-85, which is a blend of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. They can also run on straight gasoline. To determine if your vehicle can run on E-85, look for a yellow sticker on the fuel door that identifies it as a flex fuel vehicle. The engine computer uses the same sensors for E-85 as for gasoline, but uses them differently for each fuel. Chrysler vehicles do NOT have a sensor that detects E85. It has to interpret its … Read More

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