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Whistling Noise Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator

Fix Whistling Noise Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator Ford is reporting problems with 2005-06 Expedition/Navigator vehicles with dual A/C systems. The Whistling Noise Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator problem is reported at a whistling or hooting sound coming from the rear A/C unit. Ford says the problem occurs when the vehicle is driven with the front A/C on and the interior relative cool. The rear A/C is off and the blower motor speed is set to low. It turns out the rear expansion valve is the culprit. The fix is to install … Read More

No start

Fix a No start on Ford trucks The no start problem affects the Ford Excursion, F-Super Duty, and E-Vans with 7.3 Navistart Diesel 2000-03 vehicles listed above. Ford says the no start problem is most likely an intermittent or poor connection at the glow plug control module (GPCM). To check it out remove the green and black connectors at the GPCM module. Look for loose fit, pin pull-out, bent pins, or corrosion. If you see any of these issues, Ford has released replacement connectors to correct the problem. Ask for … Read More

Water leak wet carpeting – Ford Lincoln

Fix water leak and wet carpeting on Ford or Lincoln If you have Water leak wet carpeting – Ford Lincoln, the carpeting on the passenger side gets wet every time you run the A/C, the problem is the evaporator drain tube—it isn’t long enough. Go to your Ford/Lincoln dealer and ask for part #F3LY-6A14-A extension elbow. To install, remove the transmission dipstick on Expeditions. On Navigators, extend the running boards. Then, remove the right front wheel and inner splash shield. Next you’ll have to remove the dash panel insulator by removing … Read More

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