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Dead battery Ford Focus

How to diagnose and fix dead battery Ford Focus If you have a dead battery Ford Focus condition, a system that’s not charging, a battery light that stay on even after replacing the alternator and battery, read this. This problem can really throw a pro for a loop because the problem may be a bad wire or a corroded fuse. First thing to check is a broken or intermittent wiring connection at the alternator. The “FIELD” charging current is provided to the alternator by the PCM on the blue wire. … Read More

Intermittent wiper problems Ford

Fix intermittent wiper problems Ford , wipers stop in middle of windshield, wipers move when parked, Ford Focus, TSB 04-15-2 Ford has issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) 04-15-2 to address multiple wiper problems on 2002-05 Ford Focus vehicles. The problems show up as intermittent wipers stop, wipers stop in middle of windshield, wipers move when parked. All of these problems can be fixed by replacing the windshield wiper relay with a new part 1S4Z-14N089-AA © 2012 Rick Muscoplat

Rough idle Ford Focus hesitation surge

Fix rough idle hesitation surge Ford Focus TSB 07-10-7 Ford has issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) 07-10-7 to address problems with a rough idle, rolling idle, or induction backfire on 2003-04 Ford Focus SVT models. They may also exhibit a hesitation or surge at a steady cruising speed. The problems usually occur after a cold start. Ford has identified one source for these problems. Direct your attention to the clamps at the intake manifold. Poor intake clamp sealing can cause separation at the rubber boots. Start by inspecting the … Read More

Ford Focus door locks lock by themselves

Fix power door locks that lock by themselves locks cycle, Ford Focus, TSB 05-10-21 Ford has issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) 05-10-21 address problems where Ford Focus door locks lock by themselves on 2003-05 Ford Focus vehicles. Automatic door locking is a feature built-in to these vehicles. However, if moisture or corrosion builds up in the door latch electrical connectors, the system may see the door as unlocked and may continue trying to lock it. The TSB advises you to disconnect the door latch connections and clean them with … Read More

P2195 car stalls after cold start

Fix codes P2195 car stalls after cold start Lack of O2 sensor switches, Bank1, Ford Focus Ford has issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) 04-21-13 to address DTC P2195, car stalls after cold start. Lack of O2 sensor switches, Bank1, on 2003-04 Ford Focus vehicles with the 2.0L SPI (split port induction-single overhead cam) engine. The symptoms occur in extremely cold weather (-4°F) or lower and exhibits as a stall at idle while warming up and the check engine light is lit. The problem may be caused by the PCV valve. … Read More

Key won’t come out, key won’t turn

Key won’t come out of lock Key won’t turn, key warning chime sounds with key out, Ford Focus Ford has issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) 05-21-17 to address key and lock cylinder problems on 2000-05 Ford Focus vehicles. The problem may show as difficulty or complete inability to turn the key, inability to remove the key, the key in ignition chime rings even after you’ve removed the key. This vehicle is equipped with a key removal inhibit circuit to prevent you from removing the key from the lock cylinder … Read More

Uneven brake wear, vibration, and noise Ford Focus

Fix Uneven brake wear, vibration, and noise Ford Focus Some Ford Focus owners are reporting uneven brake wear after performing a brake job or having it done at a shop. The problem can be caused by improper installation of the brake pads. While the pads look alike, there is a definite inboard and outboard pad. They cannot be swapped. The pads have a wear sensor and special “nibs” that hold the shim in place. The pad with the wear sensor must be placed on the inboard side of the caliper … Read More

Engine Vibration at idle Ford Focus

Fix Engine Vibration at idle on a Ford Focus If have a engine vibration at idle Ford Focus, this may be the fix. Some engineers should be designing weapons to defeat the enemy, rather than our cars. Here’s a case where the engineers designed a “roll restrictor” (motor mount) that’s open to the elements. Well, elements is a kind word for things like gravel, rocks, ice, or snow. If any of that gets into the “roll restrictor,” the engine gets locked into an unstable position and that creates the feeling … Read More

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