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Ford no crank

Ford Taurus won’t start If you run into a situation with a Taurus no crank condition or any kind of Ford no crank, follow the tips in this post. I’ve included a typical starter wiring diagram to show how complicated this starter system really is. And it’s another example of why it drives me crazy when people post questions like, “car won’t start” on automotive forums. Let’s take a look at this system. At first glance, diagnosing a Taurus no crank condition isn’t much different that diagnosing any other vehicle. You … Read More

Ford won’t start

Why won’t my Ford start If you own an older Ford vehicle with a distributor and your Ford won’t start, you may have a bad ignition module. These vehicles were equipped with an ignition module that was very prone to failure without any warning. The module is mounted to the side of the distributor and is very easy to replace. The one catch is that you need a special 5.5mm socket to remove the screws (I know—why do they do these crazy things?). If you were driving the vehicle and … Read More

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