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Symptoms of a bad fuel pump

What are the symptoms of a bad fuel pump If your engine won’t start, takes too much cranking to start or your engine stalls, you may have a bad fuel pump or you may have a fuel pump wiring issue caused by a corroded connection or ground or a bad fuel pump control module. The point is, perfectly good fuel pumps get replaced because people don’t always know the symptoms of a failing fuel pump or do the proper testing before replacing the pump. Symptoms are different between electric and … Read More

Fuel pump replacement and fuel sending unit replacement

Fuel pump replacement and fuel sending unit replacement On car forums people always ask where the fuel pump is located so they can perform a fuel pump replacement procedure. Well, on a fuel-injected vehicle, it’s always in the gas tank. Next, they ask if they really have to drop the tank to replace it. Yeah, in some cases you do. In other cases, the carmaker has installed an access panel in the back seat area that allows you to replace the fuel pump without dropping the tank. If you have … Read More

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