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Knocking noise Impala, Grand Prix, Regal, Century

Fix Knocking noise on Impala GM reports that it has isolated the cause of a knocking noise Impala that sounds like clanking or banging noise that comes from the rear of the vehicle. The noise occurs when you are stopping or parking. It happens most often when the gas tank is between half and completely full. You guessed it, the gas is sloshing against the sides of the tank and making the noise. So you have two choices, either put in a newly designed tank that has more baffles, or … Read More

Clunk noise in steering

Fix clunk noise in steering on GM vehicles If you have a Clunk noise in steering in a 1997-2005 GM it’s caused by a “stick/slip” condition in the intermediate steering shaft. This is the portion of the shaft that goes from the steering column down to the rack. Because it has a flexible joint in it, the shaft is made to expand and contract. You guessed it, the grease they used causes it to bind. The new grease is part of a kit #26098237. You remove the intermediate shaft and inject … Read More

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