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P182E, hard shift, no PRNDL display

Diagnose and fix P182E, hard shift, no PRNDL display A P182E, hard shift, no PRNDL display condition on the vehicles listed below can be caused by a faulty internal mode switch. The internal mode switch is the new name for what we used to call the park/neutral switch, which was then changed to transmission range selector. P182E: Internal Mode Switch Indicates Invalid Range The IMS does not indicate a valid Park, Reverse, Neutral, or Drive Range position for 7 seconds. How the internal mode switch works The switch has a … Read More

Harsh shifting Chrysler

Fix Harsh shifting Chrysler If you change the transmission fluid on a Chrysler product and don’t use the correct fluid, I can guarantee that you’re going to have shifting problems. The correct fluid for Dodge Caravans and most Jeeps is now ATF+4. If you’ve used any other fluid, drain it and refill with ATF+4. Sometimes you can get hard shifts even with ATF+4. Before you start thinking teardown and rebuild, get it to a shop and have them perform a “Quick Learn” procedure. That clears all the accumulator data and … Read More

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