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Chevy Silverado misfire

Fix Chevy Silverado misfire Some Chevy Silverado owners with the 4.8L may encounter an intermittent P0300 misfire trouble code, along with excessive emissions, poor idle quality, hesitation, and stalling. You would normally start by checking your Chevy Silverado fuel trim with a scan tool. But several shops report problems with an intermittent and corroded ground connection that can cause all these problems on the 4.8L engine. The misfire condition may appear during turns or any time the engine moves in it’s mounts. So before checking all the usual suspect like … Read More

car hesitates – malibu

Malibu hesitates on acceleration If you own a 2004-05 Chevrolet Malibu with the 2.2L (VIN F) engine and your malibu car hesitates on acceleration, read this. Other symptoms may include a drop in engine RPM while doing parking lot maneuvers or during deceleration. And you may also experience an engine stalling condition. All these conditions point to a bad crankshaft position sensor. Unfortunately, replacing that won’t help. The real cause is a voltage spike caused by the radiator fans kicking in or out. GM has developed a spike suppression filter … Read More

Car stalls and has rough idle

Fix stalling and rough idle Taurus Sable P0191, P0300-p0306, P0316, P2197, stalling, hesitation, rough idle, poor performance. This could be caused by lots of things but the key might be the P0191 Fuel rail pressure sensor condition code. Because if the fuel rail isn’t getting enough fuel pressure, the air/fuel mixture will be lean and that will cause misfires and hesitation. It would also cause the O2 sensor to read lean. So start with the basics like a fuel pressure and fuel volume test. Or, you can start on the … Read More

Toyota Camry won’t start

Toyota Camry won’t start and has rough idle and hesitation If you’ve got a No Start Toyota with a 4-cylinder 2.2L engine or it has a rough idle or hesitation on acceleration and you’ve already checked spark plugs, wires, air filter, and fuel filter, it may be worth your while to drop $25 on an engine coolant temperature sensor. These sensors can give false readings to the ECM making it think the engine is warmer or colder than it really is. That would result in a rich or lean fuel mixture … Read More

Rough idle Ford Focus hesitation surge

Fix rough idle hesitation surge Ford Focus TSB 07-10-7 Ford has issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) 07-10-7 to address problems with a rough idle, rolling idle, or induction backfire on 2003-04 Ford Focus SVT models. They may also exhibit a hesitation or surge at a steady cruising speed. The problems usually occur after a cold start. Ford has identified one source for these problems. Direct your attention to the clamps at the intake manifold. Poor intake clamp sealing can cause separation at the rubber boots. Start by inspecting the … Read More

No crank no start

Ford Focus won’t start P0068, hesitation, surge on Ford Focus 2.3L Ford has issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) 03-20-9 to address an intermittent No crank no start, hesitation at 75 MPH, and DTC P0068 MAP/MAF Throttle position correlation on 2003 Ford Focus vehicles with the 2.3L PZEV engine. Do not replace any parts on this vehicle if you encounter this problem. Ford has released a software update to correct the problem. Take your vehicle to a Ford dealer or independent shop that has reprogramming capabilities and refer them to … Read More

Hesitation and surging on Blazer 4.3L

Fix Hesitation and surging on Blazer 4.3L If you have Hesitation and surging on Blazer 4.3L and it’s driving like a dog—poor acceleration, hesitation, or a surge and you suspect a fuel problem, you may be partially right. But before you start replacing really expensive components like the fuel pump, try this: Disconnect the electrical connector to the MAF sensor and take it for a drive. If you notice an improvement, try cleaning the MAF with CRC MAF sensor cleaner. Shops are reporting that a MAF sensor replacement is far more … Read More

Engine hesitation stalling on Astro Safari Van

Fix Engine hesitation stalling on Astro Safari Van Shops are reporting a problem with engine hesitation stalling on Astro Safari Van. They’re all the symptoms of a bad spark plug/wire/coil. But those components check out. The worst part is that the problem is intermittent. If have these engine hesitation stalling problems and you’ve checked out the plugs and wires on your vehicle, head right for the wire going to the coil primary. Apparently, the A/C line can rub against this wire causing it to fray inside the insulation. The remaining … Read More

P0300 misfires on GM 4.3 Engines with Distributors

Fix P0300 misfires on GM 4.3 Engines with Distributors Worn distributor teeth can be one of the causes of P0300 misfires on GM 4.3 Engines with Distributors. If you have a high mileage vehicle with this engine and have changed the plugs and wires, it may be time to pull the distributor to check the teeth. Worn teeth are either razor sharp or worn down. Replace with a rebuilt distributor. You will have to retime the engine and may have to cut a notch into the hold-down bracket to get … Read More

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