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Ford idles too high

Fix high idle speed – Ford If you have a high idle Ford or Lincoln Mark LT truck with the 4.6 or 5.4 engine, this may be your fix. Ford has issued a service bulletin to address a high idle Ford problem and an intermittent hard start condition. The problems may also set a P0606 trouble code. This may be caused by software issues. To diagnose the problem, clear the codes and run the standard KOER tests. If the code resets, this bulletin doesn’t apply. However, if it does reset, … Read More

P0505 P1505 P1129 surging idle CRV

Fix code P0505 P1505 P1129 surging idle Honda CRV If you have P0505 P1505 P1129 surging idle Honda CRV  you may have a bum idle air control valve (IAC). Here’s how to check. First, make sure the coolant level is full and that the cooling line running to the IAC is hot. If the line isn’t hot but the engine is, the line is blocked. Clear it before proceeding. Next, cover the throttle body while the engine is running. The engine should stall. If it doesn’t, you have a vacuum leak … Read More

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