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How to buy a used car

Tips on how to buy a used car How to choose a used car make and model Some car brands and models are simply more reliable than others. Even within a reliable brand, there are some years that are better than others; some have new transmissions that fail often, while others have known engine problems. These common issues are known as “pattern failures.” Some examples are the notorious Ford Focus PowerShift transmissions that fail every 30,000 miles or Nissan CVT transmission issues. But one of these lemons and you’ll quickly … Read More

Buy a used car Part 2

How to buy a used car and get the best price Part 1 talked about choosing the right used car. Now we’ll talk about how to get the best price on a used car In the first part of this series we gave you advice on which cars to avoid and how to check out the value of a used car. In this section we’ll give you some tips on how to locate the car you want and check it out before you make an offer or take it in … Read More

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