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Engine Overheats – GM vehicles

Engine Overheats No radiator fans on GM vehicles, Chevrolet, Impala, Pontiac, Buick, Cadillac GM uses a pretty nifty technique to control the radiator fans on late model vehicles. The system consists of two fans and three relays. When the powertrain control module (PCM) detects the need for cooling from the engine coolant temperature sensor (ECT) at 223 degrees or refrigerant pressure above 190-psi., it provides a ground signal to the low speed fan relay. Power flows to one fan, and the ground for that fan flows to the second fan. … Read More

Knocking noise Impala, Grand Prix, Regal, Century

Fix Knocking noise on Impala GM reports that it has isolated the cause of a knocking noise Impala that sounds like clanking or banging noise that comes from the rear of the vehicle. The noise occurs when you are stopping or parking. It happens most often when the gas tank is between half and completely full. You guessed it, the gas is sloshing against the sides of the tank and making the noise. So you have two choices, either put in a newly designed tank that has more baffles, or … Read More

Sunroof making noise

Fix noisy Sunroof If you have a sunroof making noise on one of the following vehicle, this may be your fix. Owners of 2005 Buick Allure and LaCrosse models and 2004-05 Pontiac Grand Prix, Chevrolet Impala and Monte Carlo models may experience a creaking noise coming from the sunroof. The noise is caused by metal-to-metal contact in the left rear corner of the sunroof opening. To repair, remove the sunroof module assembly. Next, turn the module over and clean the back side of the 12 rivet heads using an alcohol-based … Read More

P0716 P0717 Transmission Code GM Vehicles

Fix P0716 P0717 Transmission Code GM Vehicles GM has issued a TSB # 00-06-04-037 for P0716 P0717 Transmission Codes to cover the vehicles listed below. The condition could be caused by an intermittent connection in the Input Speed Sensor circuit. The condition is most often found at the 20-pin connector to the wiring harness interface. The input speed sensor produces a signal to the powertrain control module (PCM). If the PCM detects a large change of the input speed signal in an extremely short period of time (less than 0.8 … Read More

ABS Light on GM vehicle

ABS Light on Regal, Century, Impala, Monte Carlo, Intrigue, Grand Prix GM really did it this time. Now their cars have a solid or intermittent ABS light on. They routed the ABS sensor wiring harness so that it may contact the tie rod end you wind up with the ABS light on. The touching wears away the insulation and causes an intermittent or constant ABS light on. Testing is difficult because the fault may not show unless the suspension is moved up or down. Before you or your mechanic jump … Read More

Clunk noise in steering

Fix clunk noise in steering on GM vehicles If you have a Clunk noise in steering in a 1997-2005 GM it’s caused by a “stick/slip” condition in the intermediate steering shaft. This is the portion of the shaft that goes from the steering column down to the rack. Because it has a flexible joint in it, the shaft is made to expand and contract. You guessed it, the grease they used causes it to bind. The new grease is part of a kit #26098237. You remove the intermediate shaft and inject … Read More

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