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No start no crank GM vehicles

No start no crank GM vehicles GM vehicles from the mid ’90’s to the present are known for faulty ignition switches. The problems are almost always intermittent. They can cause a no start condition. In addition to no start, they can also result in Intermittent starting, dying while driving, A/C to start blowing warm air or for the blower fan to stop (depending on which GM model we’re talking about), along with an ABS light. In fact, any time you see erratic or intermittent problems that could be electrical in … Read More

Chevy Silverado No Start

Why won’t my Chevy Silverado Start Shops are reporting Chevy Silverado No Start pattern failures on the ignition systems on 1999-2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4.3L vehicles. The problem is usually caused by a broken ground wire at the ignition coil. This wire is white/black and may not appear to be broken. But the wire inside frays and causes intermittent no-start conditions. To check the condition of the wire is the vehicle does start, run the engine at operating temperature and have someone wiggle the wire and listen for misfire. This … Read More

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