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Jeep no start

Diagnose and fix Jeep no start Chrysler has issued a service bulletin #08-025-12 to address a Jeep no start or hard start condition on the vehicles listed below. The symptoms mimic a dead battery and result in a no-start, hard start, long crank condition after the vehicle sits for a few hours. Cause of Jeep no start Chrysler has determined that the radio software is at fault and is draining the battery, causing the starting problems. The radio electronics are supposed to go into “sleep mode” to reduce battery drain. … Read More

Jeep no start

Diagnose and fix Jeep no start Most common causes of Jeep no start Most Chrysler and Jeep no start problems can be traced to the following items: • Crankshaft position sensor CKP (Fails to detect crankshaft movement) • Camshaft position sensor CMP (Fails to detect camshaft movement) • Auto Shutdown Relay (fails to provide power to the powertrain control module) • Transmission Range selector (PCM must see park or neutral before it will allow start) • Ignition switch actuator pin (Mechanical pin the runs between lock cylinder and ignition switch … Read More

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