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Honda odyssey key won’t turn

The key won’t turn Honda odyssey Shops are reporting a large number of Honda Odyssey vehicles where the key binds in the lock cylinder on the steering column. This is usually caused by damage to the tumblers in the cylinder. The only fix is to replace the lock cylinder.   © 2012 Rick Muscoplat

Key won’t turn Silverado

My key won’t turn in my Silverado If the key won’t turn in your Silverado or other GM truck, this may be your fix. 2003-04 Chevy trucks have a problem with a binding lock cylinder, ignition switch, or the park lock cable. The best way to isolate the problem is to remove the shroud from the steering column and then remove the lock cylinder and the park lock cable. Then stick a screwdriver into the lock cylinder bore to engage it with the linkage to the ignition switch. Turn the … Read More

Key stuck in lock — Chrysler Minivans

Key stuck in lock on Chrysler Minivans Some Chrysler minivans experience a problem with a key stuck in lock where the user cannot turn the key in the ignition lock cylinder, or they can turn the tumblers but the key will not release. Sometimes it takes brute force to get the cylinder to turn. But before you try that, you may as well give this procedure a try: Jack the vehicle up to remove weight off the front wheels. That frees up the rack and produces a little slack in … Read More

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