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Lock lubricant — what to use, what to avoid

Lock lubricant — How to lubricate a lock cylinder Lubricating the lock cylinders on your car is the best way to avoid freezing and lock cylinder sticking. There’s lots of bad advice out there regarding lock lubricants so let’s start out with which lubricants you shouldn’t use. Lock lubricants you should never use WD-40 is not a good lock lubricant People use it because they have it around the house. But it’s just a general purpose lubricant and if you shoot it into your lock, it will work for a … Read More

Best lock deicers and lubricants

I’ve written an article on how to thaw a frozen car door lock here. But the best way to prevent car door lock problems is to keep the lock cylinder lubricated. Use graphite or the newer dry teflon lubes to keep the lock working without attracting dirt and grit.     Save

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