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Fix Code P0420

Fix Code P0420 A P0420 code means your catalytic converter has failed an efficiency test. In other words, it’s not removing harmful combustion byproducts from the exhaust. Many people think that the way to fix code P0420 is to replace the oxygen sensors. That’s wrong. In fact, the vehicle comuter can’t even come to the conclusion that your catalytic converter has failed the efficiency test if your oxygen sensors are bad. So don’t waste your time and money on oxygen sensors. What goes wrong with a cat converter? Catalytic converters … Read More

Infinity QX56 Low Power

Fix low power on Infinity QX56 Infinity QX56 owners are experiencing a problem with low power under heavy acceleration. You may also have a “Check Engine” light on. The problem is most likely a fuel delivery problem caused by a bum fuel pump To diagnose the problem you’ll have to attach a fuel pressure gauge and conduct a stall test in your garage. To do that, set the parking brake and start the engine. Put your foot on the brake pedal and the transmission in gear. Then give it gas. … Read More

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